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Planned litters Autumn 2023:

Hotfuzz Boo x Sunstorm Nanook - born 23rd August.


Boo x Nanook - born 23rd August  2023.
Ready from 18th November 2023.
1 Brown Rosetted Girl - Sold
1 Brown Rosetted Boy - Sold.


2 Brown rosetted 


Buffy x Nanook 
2 Brown Rosetted kittens born 7th July.
Ready from 6th October.
Both reserved. 



Life with Bengal kittens.....

by Annette Vancil

  Owner of Bengal brothers Malik & Simba now aged 12 and  recently welcoming brothers Ziggy & Zazu - now 7 months old.

Always looking for mischief to do

Something to break, something to chew

How do I climb higher and higher?

What do I do with the coals in the fire?

Everything always lands on the floor

Pens and papers, bits and bobs galore

Fighting and scrapping, with frequent ructions

Minor breakages and major destructions

No need for TV, you're the entertainment we need

Scampering about, at lightning speed

Malik has taken to watching your frolics

His head back and forth as he watches your tricks

Standing your ground when Simba hisses

Trying to make friends with sniffing and kisses

Spending more time with the big boys around

Hoping for new friends and fun to be found

Always eating the big boys food

Naughty, naughty, that's not cool dude!

Sniffing the big boys to say hello

Watching them outside, when can we go?

Pens, paper and boxes your favourite playthings

Ice cubes, vaseline pots and pieces of string

Fridge magnets, small balls and dangly toys

Anything's a toy for our playful boys

Much flicking of water, drowning toys and more

A most ineffective way to mop the floor

Encouraging decluttering by drawing attention

To things that won't pass health & safety inspection

Distracting my colleagues on video calls

Adventurous leaps, inevitable falls

Knocking over drinks with such wild abandon

Causing such chaos in search of fun

You've stolen our hearts with your wonderful purr

And you look beautiful with your amazing fur

No better feeling than your purr when you see me

Apart from when you're snuggling up on my knee

Scamps always scamping, causing a mess

Then look up so sweetly - who me? Confess??

So cute when you're sleeping, calmly at rest

Ziggy and Zazu, you're two of the best!

Hotfuzz kittens



All our kittens are raised in the home with lots of love and cuddles from birth. My aim is to raise healthy, well socialised kittens who will bring lots of fun to their new owners lives.

All our kittens come  wormed, fully vaccinated, are vet checked, litter trained,  come with 4 weeks free insurance and samples of food they are used to eating. Pictures of their development can be supplied.

We are at hand anytime to give support and advice! Kittens do not leave us until they are 13 weeks old. They leave with a comfort blanket that smells of home to help with the transition to their new home. Kittens are registerd with TICA.

We breed kittens for pet and occasionally for show/breeding.

Kittens sold as pets are registered on the inactive register and MUST be neutered/spayed by 6 months. New owners are expected to sign a contract. Transfer slips will be supplied when proof of neutering is received.

A deposit of £100 is required to reserve a pet kitten, £300 to reserve a breeding kitten. a kitten cannot be reserved without a deposit. Deposits are non-refundable unless I cannot supply the kitten.

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