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Our first babies of 2021 have arrived!
Crumpet's babies have arrived. Three born on 21st February. Mum & babies doing well.

See kitten page for available and planned kittens.



I am a small hobby breeder of Fun loving Bengals.

At Hotfuzz Bengals, we strive for beautiful, well socialised, healthy kittens who are born and brought up in the home with much love and handling from birth. I have the pleasure of enjoying the kittens and helping to add a lot of fun to their new loving and welcoming families! 

I have been breeding since 2007, having come to love bengals as an owner of 2 pet bengals for 3 years previously. Merlot is 18 years old & Coco is 16 years old.

I enjoy showing my Bengals at TICA shows.

I am a member of The Bengal Cat Club.

Hotfuzz is a registered prefix with both GCCF and TICA.


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